shoulder kisses || shelby shares

I want to thank you for creating this beautiful outlet. A million times over, thank you.

I struggle with disordered eating, anxiety and a strong dose of depression; the later getting worse as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter. This is my second week “be.coming”, and I have cried at least once during every workout. But not out of sadness, anxiety, or hatred of my body. I cry because moving makes me happy, it reminds me how beautiful my body is and the amazing things it is capable of. Moving reminds me to love myself, and your videos make me feel less alone. I’ve found myself kissing my shoulder throughout the day, I feel more confident and more in control of my thoughts.

I love having a workout routine that isn’t focused on “getting bikini ready” or fueled by some crazy diet. I walk away from my workout feeling beautiful and strong, and comfortable in my own skin. I look forward to working out in my underwear!!!!

– Shelby