about b.cm

Bethany C. Meyers is an in-demand NYC-based master instructor known for their body-positive and inclusive approach to instruction. With over a decade of experience, Bethany has taught countless group classes, private clients and trained numerous instructors. Their knowledge of the body and alignment is visible in the be.come project’s customized weekly routines as they bring the high-quality, effective boutique fitness experience in home.

Aside from fitness, Bethany is an outspoken member and activist of the LGBTQIA+ community and a leader in women’s empowerment. They openly share their struggles and strengths with their community in hopes of highlighting authentic messaging in the wellness space. From eating disorders, to gender equality, to open relationships; no topic is off limits when it comes to empowering humans to always lead with love.

a letter from bethany

It’s a funny thing when you’re asked to write yourself down on a page. “About” sections have always perplexed me as I know we are so much more dynamic than what condensed words will allow. But since you’re here to read about me, I’ll do my best to give you a snapshot in this note.

I’m from a small town in Missouri, about 45 miles south of St. Louis on the Mississippi River. People in my hometown still talk about the flood of ’93 that put our church, post office and diner underwater. Growing up, I always wanted to live in a big city. At the time my heart was set on Los Angeles but been there, tried that and discovered I’m more suited for the east coast than the west.

I share this piece about being from a small town for a few reasons. The first is that it inspired the be.come project. For over a decade I taught classes in boutique studios that only city dwellers got to enjoy. A few years ago, it occurred to me that if I hadn’t moved, I may not have had access to an effective guided workout — a luxury I believe everyone deserves. So, creating something for the momma with a baby and the girl who’s scared of the gym and the boy who wants to move like a dancer and the person who just needs to reclaim themselves…well, that became my mission.

I suppose the second reason for sharing where I’m from is so you know how much hard work and passion is behind this. Every single thing you see here has been done with dedicated purpose, not just a means to make money. I didn’t come from money, so taking the risk to start a business first meant wholeheartedly believing in it. When I wanted to leave my cushy job at a well-known studio, I hustled privates to make rent. When I wanted to create an app, I sold my routines until I had enough funds to make it. The driving force has always been my belief that what I am doing is important, necessary and needed now.

There’s a good chance you already know I’m married. There’s a better chance you know my partner, Nico Tortorella. We have a delightful queer relationship, and if you’d like to know more, I encourage you to read our wedding story.  I wasn’t going to include anything about Nico in this portion but it occurred to me how many of you may have found me through them. So to those of you, hi and welcome. Nico and I operate first as individuals and second as teammates who share the same message of love.

Other facts about me…

  • I was a cheerleader growing up, but I was never a dancer. All my movement and form was self-taught as an adult.
  • I wave at every little kid I make eye contact with.
  • I struggled with an eating disorder for many years. Something that helped me was learning to look at and appreciate my body. I talk about it pretty openly but I’m careful not to give “diet tips” because I think restriction can often lead to skewed ways of thinking. I’ve been working on food messaging for a while, so as we grow, you can expect to see more of that incorporated.
  • I love to brush my teeth in the shower.
  • I’m in my underwear 90% of the time and I bet once you get be.coming, you’ll find yourself clad in undies more often than you imagine.
  • I have two little pups and if you watch my Instagram you’ll see them play and howl and air swim and other cute puppy stuff (yes all dogs are puppies).
  • As of this year, I have armpit hair, something I never thought I would do. Feel free to read about it here.
  • Oh and that line running down the side of my body is a tattoo. It represents me from head to toe. I consider it my timeline, my lifeline, my center and a gentle reminder that I am fluid, continuous and can take on many shapes.


things i wish they didn’t do…

a poem by bethany

Things I wish they didn’t do… I wish they didn’t bait for click, “10 pounds lighter” but did you see “up to”? I wish they didn’t “before” now “after”, her thinnest also happened to be her saddest. I wish they didn’t erase and plump, ignoring beauty that exists in bumps. I wish they didn’t tell what they ate, leaving minds to scrutinize plates. I wish they didn’t hashtag goals. I really wish they didn’t hashtag goals. No hashtag goals. Say it together, “I am whole”. I wish they didn’t, but because they do, I STARTED MY OWN DAMN BUSINESS AND I’LL MESSAGE AS I PLEASE.